super self-indulgent character designs

(yes top left is my husbando)

Shapes and stylization with trolls. WIP.

ew i tried to paint my gw2 character then i remembered i can’t paint

A bit of an unusual semi-commission for a friend, as well as something of an official cast picture for Psychomanteum (, an original Persona RPG I am a player in. This was quite the involved piece, but it was totally worth it!

(My character is the shortest guy not in a wheelchair, Kaito Sakurai.)

I think I might be shipping the ancestors wrong, but maybe I’m just shipping them the most right. Textless version of the cover I drew forĀ

Our flawless, beautiful prince.

So Myotishi made a comment on twitter about designing a character that reflected the common traits of one’s fictional husbandos/waifus, and because I’m a terrible person I took this as a personal challenge and designed him!

We’ve got silver hair, messy/spiky middle-length hair, blue-green eyes, pointy ears, sharp teeth, scars, a tattoo, a sleeveless top, kindness towards animals/awkwardness but a more intimidating outer appearance, a monstrous secondary form, earrings, visual cues from Japanese delinquents, presumably is a big homo who is awkward about relationships… He is probably an assassin or something, and is probably voiced by Troy Baker.

Wow, this is so hilariously self-indulgent.


Day 9- Favorite Lusus: Crabdad

Well, it’s official: I’m back to the 31-day meme!

And of course Crabdad is my favorite. I love crustaceans and well-meaning awkward parental figures.

welcome to the lazy asshole headcanon zone

i know these aren’t very good but w/e it’s a reference for colors/body types and anatomy shit for the homestuck babbies

alpha kids… later……….


somehow, i ended up making a big dumb comic of an idea i had for a big dumb homestuck bloodswap au

here’s the WIP for it………………………………………..